Important Steps to Take if You Didn’t Receive Your W-2 Statement

So, are you ready to file your taxes except for a single thing – that you’re for an IRS W2 form from your employer? Every year in the month of January, all companies issue W2s to let their workers know the total amount of money which the employee made in the previous year. How much did they make in income, how much in Medicare taxes, Social Security and taxes? If you file tax return without all your W2s, this could unnecessarily delay the entire process and also the arrival of the refund.

As per the Federal law, employers are supposed to W2-IRSsend W2s to the workers by the end of January every year and in case it falls on a weekend, they are allowed to send it a few days later. Here are few steps to take if you still didn’t receive your W2.

  • Confirm with the calendar: In case you’re anticipating a refund, you would probably yearn for it as soon as it can reach out to you. Your employer technically meets the deadline of 31 st January whenever it sends your W2 in your mail box by the deadline. In case you don’t receive it in your mail or in your post box, you should be sure that it is on its way and might reach you in the first few days of February.
  • Search your mailbox: Majority of the companies these days give electronic access to their workers so that they can access documents of the company including tax statements. While most of the employers avoid mailing W2s due to security reasons but they will definitely send you a mail where you can go to the company portal and download the earning statement. Also don’t forget to check your spam folder.
  • Give a call to your company: If it’s already February and still you don’t receive your W2, you should make a call to the HR department of your company. It may happen that your employer has a wrong address due to which the W2 may have bounced back to be undelivered. In such a case, you should rectify the address and ask him to reissue the document.
  • Get in touch with the IRS: Now if you still don’t get your W2, involve the IRS. In case your efforts to receive a copy have al become fruitless, call the toll-free number of IRS. You will need your name, address, SS number, phone number, name of your employer, address and phone number. You also have to know the dates you’ve worked with your employer, a clear estimate of the wages and the income tax which you incurred the previous year. The last pay stub will also be needed.

Even after taking all the above mentioned steps, if you still don’t receive your W2, get in touch with an income tax consultant or a tax specialist who can guide you on filing without W2s. Irrespective of the approach you take, make sure you file your return on 18 th April.

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