Marketing Push Achieved by Tax Refund Advances in 2017 – What is the Push all About?

Very soon you will find it tough to walk past a tax preparing storefront or turn on the TV or sit in a Walmart and not be distracted with the too-good- to-be- true pitches which claim 0% refund-related loans and immediate cash. Jackson Hewitt, H&R Block and few others are combating tough for gaining marketing share and are striving to lock customers who grab customers who may turn into customers or into online competitor just as Turbo Tax did. The strategy that they’ve adopted right now is to heavily market easy cash loans for some time to all those cash-saddled people who are struggling with tax filing Miami Florida and who wait to earn benefits from Earned Income Tax Credit.

Consumers who may obtain funds amounting to $4000 or a tax refund through incometaxmaxlittle bit more than that through the Earned Income Tax Credit are now suddenly informed that they should expect their funds until 27th February, which is a few weeks later than their pre-scheduled time. Financial analysts are of the opinion that all early filers should file in between January and February as waiting can drag and delay the entire process even more.

The pitches of 0% have come during a time when the poor and moderate income families are already too financially susceptible as they are the ones who turn to the early tax refunds which cover heating bills and all other related expenses. They are the middle-class families and they expect to receive the funds at a specific time. They are families who may use up every single dollar that they get and hence they are the ones who will be suffering. For more questions, you may talk to your tax specialist in Miami, Florida and get vital information on whatever you want to know.

Refunds postponed

In this particular tax season, there are many tax filers who could take a closer look at these products. At the beginning of 2017, legally the URS can’t release tax refunds for returns which claim either Additional Child Tax Credit or Earned Income Tax Credit until 15 th of February. The PATH Act or Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes Act of 2015 has given these pressures and hurdles as a method of fighting against ID theft and fraud. Tax experts are of the opinion that the date could be until 27th February till the time when tax filers can obtain their refund money.

Jackson Hewitt will offer loans

The Express Refund Advance of Jackson Hewitt is promoted as a loan with no fees, no credit check and a 0% annual percentage rate. This program offers loans in small amounts of $250, $500, $750, $1000 and $1300, and the amount depends on how the customer has been approved. Hewitt has created ripples this tax season for the taxpayers to pre-qualify for such loans by giving right answers to few questions.

Hence, all those consumers who face delays should opt for contingency plans and also make priorities on paying utilities and rent. Consumers have to realize the fact that even with such advance loans, there will still be limits on the amount of advance cash that may be available. For more details, you may consider seeking help of an income tax consultant in Miami.

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